Recently I spoke at a forum organised by Alcohol Focus Scotland along with CRUSE Bereavement care Scotland and COSCA.  The main point of my address was Resilience and how it can be learned.  I drew on the work of Karen Reivich and mentioned the BOUNCE BACK programme developed by Toni Noble and Helen McGrath in Australia.  [...]


A couple of weeks ago I went to an evening lecture by Professor Norman Doidge who has written the best-selling book, "The Brain That Changes Itself." I loved the book and, watching the videos which Professor Doidge used to illustrate his lecture, was a great delight. The message of the book is that the human [...]

Systems Thinking

A few weeks ago I attended a Masterclass organised by the Centre for Confidence & Well-being. It was led by John Seddon who talked about systems thinking in service organisations. John is highly critical of the approach, favoured by the present Government, of setting targets and micro-managing. He used an example of a telecoms provider [...]

Monday was a special day for me. It was my 60th birthday. My wife and I had a quiet day and went out for a meal on Monday evening to a local Asian restaurant, the Indian Cottage. It was not our first visit to the place but, as we do not dine out often, it [...]

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