Every year thousands of people die in the UK because they need an organ transplant and there are not enough organs donated.  Every year millions of people die in the UK and perfectly healthy organs are either buried or burned.  I understand that people have religious and other objections to donating their organs after death.  [...]

Room 13 International

A few weeks ago I had the delight of attending an evening event at the Scottish Parliament.  It was sponsored by Jean Urquhart, MSP and was run by a group of primary school children aged 10 and 11.  The children chaired and spoke at the event, apparently unfazed by the large audience of adults.  This [...]


In October last year (2011) I bought a new car from Peter Vardy in Motherwell, I openly confess to being suspicious of car sales people, partly because of some previous bad experiences. I always feel that they "see me coming" and recognise that I have little knowledge of cars and the wool can easily [...]


Researchers, from Martin Seligman to Deepak Chopra, have convinced me that many illnesses begin in the mind.  Not all; that would be a cruel thing to say but much modern research has shown that good and bad health often begin with our thoughts.  How we think produces chemicals in our bodies which affect our physical health, [...]

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