Every year thousands of people die in the UK because they need an organ transplant and there are not enough organs donated.  Every year millions of people die in the UK and perfectly healthy organs are either buried or burned.  I understand that people have religious and other objections to donating their organs after death.  I respect that.  But many people have no problem with donating their organs after they’re gone.  After all, they’re finished with them.

At the same time more than 100 people in the UK gave an organ, usually a kidney, while they were still alive.  These are known as altruistic donors and they are a tiny number compared to the donors who have given an organ to a friend or relative.

If some people are willing to undergo all the tests, followed by the surgery then the six months recovery to offer life to a total stranger, why will so many others simply not bother to sign up to the organ donors register?  Is it apathy?  Do they need to know someone who needs an organ before it gets home to them how important their organs can be in saving someone’s life?

Go on, sign up to the organ donors register at Organ Donation Scotland and Organ Donation UK.  And persuade as many of your friends and relatives to join you.  You know you have it in you to save a life.

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