Room 13 International

A few weeks ago I had the delight of attending an evening event at the Scottish Parliament.  It was sponsored by Jean Urquhart, MSP and was run by a group of primary school children aged 10 and 11.  The children chaired and spoke at the event, apparently unfazed by the large audience of adults.  This is testament to the extra lessons which Room 13 brings.

Essentially Room 13 is a room in a primary school where children go to “do art.”  They are allowed, in some instances, to leave other classroom lessons to go to Room 13, providing they are up to date with their other school work.   What makes this different is that Room 13 runs as a business and is run totally by the children.  They carry out all the management roles – chairing meetings, keeping accounts, ordering stock, ensuring that the room is kept in order, etc.  They hire an artist in residence who helps with the running of the business but the control still lies with the pupils, the oldest of whom is 11!  This is a great example of enterprise education in practice.

Room 13 was so successful it eventually went international, with Room 13s in South Africa, India, Turkey and many other locations.  It has also been featured in two documentaries for Channel 4 Television.  There is lots more information at Room 13 International .  Check it out and be impressed.

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