A few weeks ago I learned that the battery in my laptop was failing and would have to be replaced.  At that point I was not aware that this is a very simple task, so I visited a local business, WL Computers to seek advice.  I met Walter (I presume the W of WL) who agreed that he could help me.  He suggested that I take my laptop to him so that he could check the battery size.  The only day I was free that week was Friday but he was going to be out “on site” most of Friday.  He suggested that I call him on Friday afternoon to check that his store was open, then I could drop my laptop in to him.  His store is about a ten minute drive from my home.

On Friday afternoon when I called I got no answer, not even a voicemail, but, to be fair, Walter called me back within a few minutes, apologising for not getting to the phone on time.  He was still “on site” but would be back in an hour or so.  He said that he would call me when he was on his way back and I should then drive to his store and let him check my machine.  This was several weeks ago.  I am still waiting for the call.  On talking about that to a colleague I was shown how easy it was to replace a laptop battery.  I ordered one online and replaced it myself last week.

I don’t mind if WL Computers does not want my business.  There are people who ask me to work for them and I say no.  But that’s the point.  I tell them I’m not available.  I don’t leave them for weeks waiting for me to call back.  If I ever have a serious problem with my laptop, there is one business which will not be asked to help.  And in the town where I live there are at least another three businesses claiming to offer a computer repair service so I still have plenty of choice.

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