In October last year (2011) I bought a new car from Peter Vardy in Motherwell, I openly confess to being suspicious of car sales people, partly because of some previous bad experiences. I always feel that they “see me coming” and recognise that I have little knowledge of cars and the wool can easily be pulled over my eyes.

I certainly was suspicious of the deal which was offered at the time and told the salesman that. He explained exactly what was being offered, told me, without any weasel words, exactly what I would pay and left me to make the decision. As is clear from my opening sentence, I bought. I tweeted about the experience and was delighted when Peter Vardy himself (or at least someone using his name) replied a day or two later to say thanks.

When I collected my new car a couple of weeks later, the managing partner at the dealership came in personally to thank me for my mention on Twitter. That’s a good sign that the “head office” communicates with those in the field.

I’m telling the story now because I took the car for its first service a week ago. Again the experience was a good one. My car was ready when I was told it would be ready, I got it back cleaner than when I left it and I paid exactly what I was told I would pay; no hidden extras. And as I went in to collect my car, I bumped into Scott, the managing partner at the door. He checked that everything was okay then, while he didn’t claim to remember my name, he did remember having met me. A year before. When I explained how he knew me, he did remember the story. I like that. It made me feel as if I matter. And that’s why I’m telling this story, why I will tell it in my Customer Service training events and why I shall go back to Peter Vardy in Motherwell.

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