In mid May I was looking for a goldsmith/jeweller to help with a gift for my wife, Margaret, to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary (40 years).  I had some old gold, broken jewellery, single earings and the like, and I thought that this could be used to make something a bit special. 

As a volunteer with the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) charity, I visited the trust’s website to find a business.  Because I volunteer in Dunbartonshire I looked for a Dunbartonshire business first.  The first one I called had a voice mail message asking me to leave my number.  I did.  I am still waiting for a reply. 

The second was, in some ways, worse.  The grandmother of the young businesswoman answered the phone.  She was obviously very old, hard of hearing and called her daughter (the businesswoman’s mother).  She, the mother, grilled me as if I were some kind of stalker and eventually I gave up.

I then went to the Glasgow section of the website and called the first business which caught my eye, Brazen in Albion Street in Glasgow’s Merchant City .  What a contrast and what a delightful experience from first to last.  The first person I spoke to was James, Marketing Director.  Here is a man who genuinely answers the phone with a smile.  I told him what I was after and he said that Sarah, the designer had a space in her diary the next day and asked if that was convenient.  It was.

The next day I met James and Sarah face to face.  Quickly Sarah examined my hoard and told me that I had 23.5 gramms of gold.  That meant nothing but she said that, for example, there was enough there to make two, fairly heavy, rings.  Amongst the gold there was a single earing in a celtic design and I said that Margaret had loved those earings but had lost one.

By the time I left, Sarah had agreed to produce matching rings for us in a celtic design, to make them within my timescale of four weeks even although she usually needed six weeks to complete a commission, and to throw in, free of charge, a pair of celtic earings to replace the one which had been lost.  And they gave me a discount because I came to them through PSYBT.  Two weeks, yes two weeks, later Sarah called to tell me that the rings were ready.  They were, they are, magnificent.  My biggest challenge was keeping them hidden for another two weeks.  I was desperate to show them!  When I gave them to Margaret she cried with delight.  She still, five weeks later, stops occasionally and just looks at the ring on her finger.  I do the same.

The whole experience from my first telephone call with James through the meeting with Sarah and James to the final collection of the rings and later the earings was a delight.  I have already recommended them to a colleague and will continue as long and as often as I can.  Here are people who are good at what they do, obviously enjoy it and put delighting their customers right at the heart of the business.  Check Brazen out.  I promise you will be enchanted.

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