I do not like the way we have all become “customers.”  When we travel by public transport we used to be “passengers,” now we’re “customers”.  When we visit a hospital for treatment, we used to be “patients,” now we’re “customers.”  I do like the attitude, that we should be treated as if we are the only reason for those transporting us or treating us or whatever having a job, but I’m a passenger, patient, etc., not a customer.

However, I have recently been attending Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s Renal Transplant Unit with my son and the staff there could teach many businesses a thing or ten about “customer service.”  Everything that could be done to make us comfortable was done.  We were kept informed continuously about what was happening.  I have been called three times in the past twelve days with an update.  If we had any questions, we had only to ask and they were answered fully and gently.  The staff in that unit deserve the highest award for “customer” service, even if I hate the idea of being an NHS “customer.”

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