My son and I planned a trip to Dublin to see a football match.  Because Paul is in dialysis three times weekly we could not find flights from Scotland which suited our times and were not obscenely expensive so we choose to take the Stena Line Ferry to Belfast and drive to Dublin.  Stena Line advertised its fast ferry crossing which would get us to Belfast in two hours, arriving at 4.30, giving us just over three hours to drive to Dublin in time for the match.  It’s a two-hour drive.

After I had booked and the company had taken my money the ferry was changed to a three hour crossing, arriving at 5.30.  No apology, just a notice that the ferry was changed.  This was going to be a bit of a rush but we could still make it.  As we were leaving port the captain announced that we would arrive at 5.40!!!!.  Now we were really in trouble.  And when we arrived at 6.00 we knew we would miss the start of the football.  And still no apology!

Things go wrong for all of us.  We can’t control the weather or the tides.  But when we mess things up for our customers, even if it’s not our fault, surely the first thing we should do is say sorry.

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