Two days a week I provide business advice to clients living in the southside of Glasgow.  I meet a wide variety, some of whom are living in a fantasy world, but most are serious.  Many have turned to the idea of creating their own work because they have lost their jobs or they cannot find a job anywhere.  But some have known all along that that is what they want to do.  I used to believe that the latter group, I say they are “pulled” to self-employment rather than “pushed”, are more likely to succeed and to stick at it than the others.  I now think that I have been wrong.

It now seems to me, after more than twenty years advising, training and mentoring new businesses, that people who have been “pushed” or forced into self-employment have as much chance as the others of sticking it out.  And I suppose I should always have known that.  After all, I became self-employed as a result of having to leave a job before it killed me.  And here I am, almost 16 years on, still creating my own work.  And still enjoying it.  I’m not sure these days what the experts say and I have certainly not carried out rigorous research into the topic but I now believe that, to survive in business, you need a wee bit of luck a lot of hard work and to do what you enjoy doing.  And I enjoy what I do.

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