I attended another event a few weeks ago organised by Glasgow’s Centre for Confidence and Well-being. This was on the topic of self-esteem. Two psychologists came from the USA to pass on their research findings and it was a fantastic day. Apart from the fact that Keith Campbell and Amy Canavello were accomplished communicators, the message they offered was timely.

This country is becoming as obsessed by the need to build peoples’ self-esteem as the USA has been for the past few decades and it doesn’t work. Confidence needs to be raised butĀ raising self-esteem is self-defeating. When we heard that Serbians and young black men from city ghettoes in the USA score highest for self-esteem, it told us all we needed to know. Schools in England are working hard to introduce lessons in building self-esteem in their pupils. I hope and pray that schools in my home country, Scotland, do not follow.

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