I had a really interesting week last week.  On Monday I attended an event at the Scottish Parliament organised by Scottish Futures Forum.  This was a “taking stock” event following the publication 16 months ago of the report into approaches to drugs and alcohol in Scotland.  The first speaker, Colin Mair of the Local Government Improvement Service, was very blunt in his assessment of the future for public sector funding in Scotland.  There is likely to be at least a 12% cut (at least).  This has importance for both those who rely on government/local government for daily survival as well as those like me whose income is derived, at least in part, from public funds.  The following speaker, Lucy McTernan of SCVO, pointed out that these cuts will also seriously affect the voluntary sector, another source of my remuneration.  It was not all depressing.  I did spend some time with Carol Craig of the Centre for Confidence and Well-being, always a pleasure.

On Tuesday I attended an event organised by Business Club Scotland in association with BT.  Firstly, the event, a combined networking evening and a talk on Social Media, was first class.  I learned so many new ways of using social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) which I had never heard of and which I plan to use.  I was also introduced to BT Tradespace, another but different online business community.  I was most impressed.

At the event I met a young woman, Gillian Dick, who set up and runs Find Me Glasgow.  Gillian had a attended a workshop I ran in Glasgow about a year ago and had some very kind things to say about that.  The topic was creative thinking and she said that she and some friends had successfully used one of the tools which I introduced that evening.  It’s always nice for a trainer to learn that people are applying the lessons he has passed on.

Gillian’s website allows people to find things to do, places to go, special offers, etc. in and around Glasgow.  There is even a section allowing visitors to find things which interest them which are close to the Subway (Glasgow’s underground railway).  The website is a great idea and Gillian is so enthusiastic I believe her when she talks of rolling the idea out to other cities.

All in all, last week was great.  Let’s home this one is as good.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Glad you enjoyed last week’s Web 2.0 workshop. Alan’s slide presentation is now available online in case you would like to refresh your memory:

    We are always keen to get feedback from our members so that we can tailor our programme to their specific wants and needs.

    Find out about upcoming events at the BusinessClub Scotland website:

    Thanks again Alex and we look forward to seeing you at the next BCS event.

    Best wishes,

    BusinessClub Scotland


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