A couple of weeks ago I went to an evening lecture by Professor Norman Doidge who has written the best-selling book, “The Brain That Changes Itself.” I loved the book and, watching the videos which Professor Doidge used to illustrate his lecture, was a great delight.

The message of the book is that the human brain can often, but not always, rewire itself when part of it doesn’t work properly, either because of injury or a congenital condition. So people who have suffered “irreversible” brain damage throgh strokes have learned to walk, talk and even perform surgery again. The story of Barbara Arrowsmith Young is particularly inspiring. As a child she was considered a slow learner and thought herself “stupid.” She discovered a piece of research which suggested that, in fact her brain might not be working properly. Working alone, she developed exercises which had the effect of rewiring her brain to bypass the damaged area. She now runs the Arrowsmith schools which use similar exercises to help slow learners to achieve much more than it was ever thought they could.

This blog cannot do justice to the stories and the message of the book. No one is beyond help. Read the book. It has changed my approach to the training and coaching which I do for my customers. It has changed my attitude to my personal development. Thje lecture was another of the events organised by the Centre for Confidence and well-being.

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