Systems Thinking

A few weeks ago I attended a Masterclass organised by the Centre for Confidence & Well-being. It was led by John Seddon who talked about systems thinking in service organisations. John is highly critical of the approach, favoured by the present Government, of setting targets and micro-managing. He used an example of a telecoms provider and the approach when you call to report a fault. It exactly mirrored my experience which I wrote about three years ago, down to the person at the callcentre blaming me for their fault!

John is a marvelous speaker whose passion for his subject occasionally leads to him using what is euphemistically called “colourful language”. I took no offence nor did anyone around me. When we have experts like John and his team around and when they have often shown their findings and offered their help to government at local and national level, why does this country continue to act in ways which are useless and expensive? This is our money that is being wasted. These are our friends and relatives who are being killed by an obsession with meeting targets as opposed to helping people. How long will this go on before we rise together and clear the lot out?

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