School of Everything

I was at a Channel 4 event in Glasgow a few weeks ago and heard from Paul Miller who founded the amazing website As Paul describes it it’s a sort of eBay for people have something to teach. basically you register (free of charge) telling the world what you want to teach, where and what you want in return. Students who want to learn then visit the website to find an appropriate teacher. Students can also register, telling the world what they want to learn then teachers can find them.

What you want to teach can be anything. I suppose that quantum physics could appear there but it includes driving tuition (at the moment because it’s a new website there are a lot of driving instructors!), music tuition, reading, knitting – nothing seems to be ruled out. How you want to be paid can also be flexible. My entry describes me as wanting money or knowledge exchange. If someone is willing to teach me tenor saxophone in exchange for hypnotherapy or coaching or some kind of training, I want to meet him/her now!

Another blog, Boing Boing, described School of Everything as follows. ‘It’s one of those great, simple, smart ideas that make you want to smack your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”‘ If you have a skill you want to pass on or there is something you want to learn, check out School of Everything.

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