Monday was a special day for me. It was my 60th birthday. My wife and I had a quiet day and went out for a meal on Monday evening to a local Asian restaurant, the Indian Cottage. It was not our first visit to the place but, as we do not dine out often, it has been some time since were last there. We could certainly not be described as regular customers.

While the waiter was taking our order, my wife made a comment about it being my birthday. He politely asked if it was a particularly special event and we told him it was my 60th. Wishing me happy birthday and making a polite comment about me not looking my age, he went off with our order.

At the end of the meal (which was as good as any we have had recently), he returned with our bill and handed me a bottle of wine saying, “It’s not every day that you’re sixty.” There was no need for that. We did not ask for nor expect any special treatment. As I mentioned earlier, we are not regular customers. It was just a very nice touch. My wife and I have already told at least a dozen people about it and we shall certainly return to the Indian Cottage soon. It was not an expensive bottle but that is not the point. It was lovely gift.

See, customer service is not complicated, not expensive, but it pays.

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