Going Global

Last weekend I attended an event at the Scottish Parliament as part of the launch of the Tomorrow Project’s latest publication, Going Global. Michael Moynagh and Richard Worsley, directors of the Tomorrow Project have produced a comprehensive and well-researched book which examines emerging trends and the future of work, business, climate, food supply and others.

Richard spoke first, giving a few examples from the publication and he was answered by Professor Andrew Hughes-Hallett. Following that those attending were invited to discuss in groups the implications for our futures, following which a panel of Michael Moynagh and Professor Hughes-Hallett answered questions.

There were many different strands to the discussions as there are in the book but two things remains with me. Firstly, Richard’s comment, quoting someone else whom I don’t remember, that the first human to live to be one thousand (yes, 1,000) has probably already been born. That is quite a statement. And secondly, and I write this from supposedly dour and pessimistic Scotland, the optimism and energy which filled the room. No one ignored the problems of the inequalities in the world today but almost everyone believes that it does not have to be that way and that the world is beginning to move to make some of the necessary changes.

Anyone interested in the work of the Tomorrow Project or of the Scottish Futures Forum which hosted the event should look at http://www.tomorrowproject.net/ and http://www.scotlandfutureforum.org/.

On Wednesday I visited some old friends at Fair Pley. Check ou their website at http://www.fairpley.co.uk. It was great to see Stephen and Jim again and I was hugely impressed by their demonstration of their Smoothiecycle. Essentially this is a smoothiemaker powered by a bicycle! Incredible! You exercise to make your smoothie then you have a healthy drink to replace the fluid lost by the exercise. Check it out on the website.

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