Renewed Faith

Last week I helped to facilitate a team-building day for an organisation working in the field of support for people with drug and alcohol problems. The people who attended the day were most of the admin team and the general manager. Although the day did not go entirely to plan, it still was hard work, intense and inspiring. This is a group of people, some of whom have worked for the organisation for more than twenty years, who claim, and whose behaviour affirms, that they love their work.

During the introductions at the start of the day several mentioned that they were happy at work and that they liked their colleagues. There was a fall-out soon after lunch but, after that, they again showed themselves to be a group of people who like each other and who like and are commiteed to what they do. One of the group is very new, he has been with them since the beginning of the month, and he was as welcome and as well-respected as anyone else.

The most inspiring thng for me was the openness of the group, their commitment to the organisation and the fact that they are obviously not driven by the urge to make money. I am sure that any one of them could earn more in another sector.

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