I have written in the past about spam, unsolicited e-mails, most of which are either trying to sell me stuff to improve my virility, asking for my bank account details or offering me solutions for mental health problems which, I am glad to write, do not affect me. I wonder who would be daft enough to pass their bank account details to a total stranger? I suppose some people must or the spammers would not do what they do.

I have suffered badly from unsolicited e-mails since I started my newsletter. I can get as many as 100 in a day. A couple of days ago I discovered Cloudmark ( and what a difference. It has allowed through only two unwanted e-mails and has blocked only one which I wanted out of just under 200 mails. I’m using the free trail version just now. I shall subscribe to the paid service in a couple of days. If any of the pests are reading this, I hope you realise that you are now wasting your time and not mine. Give up.

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