Back to Work

I came back from holiday on Saturday evening and started working again this morning. The first thing I had to do was go through more than 600 e-mails, mostly spam. I wonder what these people think I am. I look at the sender and the subject then delete. I have no idea what they are offering or what they expect from me. It must take them some time to set up these mailing lists and to send their junk and I wonder what they get from it. Surely most Internet users are like me and just ignore the junk!

We spent a few days in France before moving on to northern Spain and, once again, I was absolutely bowled over by the welcome we received. I have a bit of French but very little Spanish, although my wife speaks better Spanish than she thinks. However, we have found that, as long as we make some attempt to speak the local language, shop, garage and restaurant staff will go out of their way to help us. It’s also embarassing at local markets to find that everyone can tell us in English the cost of whatever we want to buy, even little kids! I wonder how many British market traders can count in any language other than English.

We had a conversation with an Irish family whom we met this year for the second time and we all agreed that somehow the locals spotted us as Brits as soon as they saw us. Much to my delight I gave the lie to that the day we left. I was walking back to my car when a driver pulled up and asked me for directions. He thought I was Spanish! I thought they would have to operate to remove the smile from my face.

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