Those of you who keep up with these newsletters will have read of my bad experience with my telecomms provider. So committed are they to dealing with faults and complaints that almost three weeks after I wrote to them I still have had no response! It’s shocking!

A second example of excellent service, however, comes from my ISP, Pipex. Since I moved to NTL I have not been able to use Outlook Express to send and receive e-mails. I contacted the Pipex help desk yesterday and five minutes later my settings were set and everything was working great. Thanks Pipex.

I am now doing some interesting but strangely difficult work for Glasgow Mentoring Network. Essentially my role is to link young unemployed people who are looking for work with mentors who will help them into work. The service is voluntary so only individuals seriously interested in finding a job are involved. I managed to make my first link-up quite easily but I have had problems finding mentors since then. The other agent who works on the programme has a database of about 200 mentors so has less of a problem. I need to get to the same level quickly but it’s proving a tough job.

I think there’s a lot in it for the mentors. They will help the economy of the area as well as getting a buzz from seeing a young person take a first or another step on the career ladder. It also looks good on the CV. I shall keep working at it.

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