It’s been a while since I last wrote because I had a long (far too long) spell with no Internet connection. There was a fault with the telephone line which I used to connect to Broadband and it took two and a half weeks for the company which provided (note the past tense) the service to repair it. In fact, although they have told me that it is repaired, I have not in fact tested the connection. I finally lost patience with them and moved to another company. I called them on Friday, they agreed to lay the cable and make the connection on Tuesday and they did. That’s what I call service.

I have now decided that I shall no longer accept bad service from anyone. I have tended to be a patient and forgiving person but that has cost me time and business. From now on I want as close to perfect service as it is possible to get.

Compare the telecomms experience with my recent experience of a faulty coffee machine. My wife bought be a Krupps espresso machine from Debenhams for Easter. I drink coffee only first thing in the morning but I like a really good shot then. It sets me up for the day. A few weeks after we started to use the machine we found that it leaked. I contacted Debenhams who, rightly, pointed out that without the receipt there was nothing they could do. (We had, of course, thrown the receipt out). The pleasant young man at Debenhams did give me a number for Krupps customer service. I contacted another pleasant young man there who was everything you would want a customer service assistant to be. He asked for the model number and the reference number and confirmed that that particular machine was made in December – well within the guarantee period. He then asked me to pack the machine in a box, securely, and has arranged for it to be collected on Friday.

Okay, it would have been better if the machine had not leaked but, given that something has gone wrong, the company has been quick to get it fixed. There’s a lesson there for my former telecomms provider, who, incidentally, has not yet repled to my letter of complaint posted ten days ago!

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