I have been involved in some very interesting but quite diverse training recently. I have run a two-half-day Selling and Negotiation Skills course in Castlemilk, Glasgow with an assorted mix of individuals, ranging from several sales professionals to a few business start-ups desperate to learn anything at all about selling. Using a mixture of well known sales techniques, some tips from the field of NLP and practical exercises, the aim is that everyone should leave more able to persuade their customers to buy.

I also worked with a group of first-line supervisors from a medium-sized manufacturing company near Glasgow. They are following a training course which will last for a year and will enable them to get more out of their teams and prepare them for the next step on the management ladder. Some are obviously happy where they are and just want a few tips to make them better. Others are clearly ambitious and the mix of the two made for a demanding but very satisfying day’s work.

I also ran a business planning session for a group from GGNSE which is a network of organisations offering support to employees of people with a variety of disabilities. I was recommended for this work by someone who attended a similar session I facilitated last summer. I have just been asked if I can help a third group with the same agenda. I must be doing something right.

Over Christmas I picked up a copy of the long out of print Trans-formations by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. This is a fascinating glimpse into the early work of the inventors of NLP which has made sense of some of my NLP training which just left me confused. As trainers/presenters Grinder and Bandler are so powerful. That is my inspiration and aspiration.

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