Busy, Busy

It has been a few weeks since the last posting because I mislaid my password so a lot to write about. Last weekend Robert Sullivan and I were involved in a Development Weekend for CIPFA. Some people seem to have the view that all accountants are dull. They should have been with us.

We were working with almost 100 public authority accountants and the energy in the room would have powered a small town.. The programme was called Developing the Modern Manager so we were covering topics like management styles, managing teams, motivating and goal setting. We also did a session on our favourite area of expertise – ICE: Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise. We have just received the feedback from the event with 99% of the delegates rating it as good or very good. One of the delegates has also asked us to run a motivation session for students at the CIPFA conference next March.

I am also involved in doing some staff training with Turning Point Scotland. Last week I worked with almost twenty TPS staff, teaching them tools which they could use for themselves but, more importantly, use with their clients to try to move them into employment. We looked at personal motivation, goal setting, reframing, handling fear and much, much more. The two half-day sessions flew by for me. TPS clients are in very capable hands. I can hardly wait for the next sessions in two weeks time.

In between Margaret and I have also managed a short break in Cork in the Irish Republic. In every bar and restaurant we visited we were met with wonderful hospitality (and the most enormous helpings of food I’ve ever seen). There are lessons there for all hospitality providers in the UK.

Now that I have recovered my password the newsletter should appear more regularly.

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